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Salt & Light

Salt & Light is a book of prose and poetry, shedding light onto invisible struggles and journeys through mental illness, abuse and infertility. The book is divided in two parts, Salt; representing darkness of the past and Light; representing the hopefulness of the future. Salt & Light takes readers through a journey of pain and ends with emotional healing and self-worth.


Without Fear

Without Fear is a book of prose and poetry about the up and down journey of healing. It’s about transforming your pain into something beautiful. Without Fear helps readers see that their struggles can make them stronger, like a well-tended garden, they can blossom. It’s about owning your past, instead of letting it control you.

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Your Move

Claire Martel learned long ago that even people close to you can’t be trusted. She’s built a comfortable life for herself while keeping everyone at a distance. When she comes home one day and realizes that someone has been in her apartment, she knows that she is no longer safe and that her deepest secret has been discovered. Nothing is missing, but the message is clear. Who would believe her? Who can she trust?

Feeling the walls closing in, Claire finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation as a person of interest. Her home is no longer safe. Her best option is to disappear—again. She leaves her life behind, only to wind up running into danger, not away from it. Claire must push through her fears and find strength within herself as she ends up in a battle for her life.




Michelle Young is the author of the psychological thriller Your Move and two poetry books, Salt & Light and Without Fear. She holds an Honours BA major in psychology, and a minor in communications from the University of Ottawa. Young lives in Ottawa, Canada with her family.

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